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Purpose & Scope of the Lobo7 Cyber Security Portals

Having so much unnoticed pervasive technology around us, we neglect most of the times, the security aspects of such technologies. People protect their belongings from theft, such as their cars and homes ( lock the doors & windows ), but there are still a lot of people that do not protect one of their most precious belongings, their "Cyber Assets". For example ; Being an Identity Theft victim is one of the worst situations that can happen to someone, it can take years and a lot of physical and financial efforts to correct the problem. Falling into these kind of situations is normally due to the lack of education on these issues. The Lobo7 Websites were created to educate the "Cyber Citizens", by creating awareness on Cyber Security issues that we deal every day with, at home or at work. Long ago, when the first Lobo7 Cyber Security Website was created, Cyber Security was unknown and not considered a priority, nor by the private sector, the business sector or gouverments. Faster lines have changed everything. After so many years on the Net, I have seen many improvements on the procedures, methodologies and the architectures, however that is still not enough to keep up with the ills ( Cyber Crime ) that accompany the advances in the "Cyber Technology Industry". Because of the fact that "Cyber Technology" is present in every aspect of our lifes, we need to change our "Pencil & Notepad" ways and adapt ourselves to the "Cyber Technology".

Structure of the Lobo7 Cyber Security Portals

Because of the limited resources and to keep down time to a minimum, the Lobo7 Cyber Security Portals are mainly based on a "Data Mining" and "Spider Webbing" structure. There are 2 Main Zones. One Sector is open to the Public and the other Sectors are Restricted to the general public.

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